The Silent Cry

Giving a voice to those who need to be heard.

Who Are We?

We are a charity that wants to help people with the real struggle of mental health.

What We Want

A support system in place to help those who struggle with mental health.

We need people to push the message and educate as well as belong.

What We Need

Your help in any way you can.

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What We Offer

Support | Understanding | Education | Guidance 

The You Rock foundation in America is a charity that focusses on mental health.  It is very well established and it is hoped that we will link forces.  Music is such an important aspect of life and can affect moods. It has helped me to get through difficult times.

There are some of the videos from there site that show that anyone can suffer in their lives, even the fortunate and famous.

Watch the videos and join us.


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